You know what’s crazy? Getting old is crazy. I’m old enough to remember watching Vietnam on TV. I’m old enough to remember where I was when men walked on the moon for the first time. I’m old enough to remember Nixon and Watergate and Hippies and Iran Contra and the Challenger Exploding. Even though I […]

You know what’s crazy? Bringing a firearm to church; that is crazy! Bring your love for God to church. Bring your respect for your fellow man to church. By all means open up your heart and your wallet and give to the church. But bringing your Glock to the house of God? Some would say […]

You know what’s Crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy. An ugly contest of any kind, especially for dogs. DATELINE: PETALUMA, CA. This is Pabst the boxer. This is the face only a mother mutt could love. He is the winner of the 2009 World’s Ugliest Dog contest. Congratulations to Pabst and everyone who made his […]

You know what’s Crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy. Expressing yourself through the world’s hottest social networking vehicle only to have it all blow up in your face like an alka seltzer tablet landing in a bottle of gingerale. That’s crazy. In fact, I maintain, typing 140 words of anything that lands you in the […]

You know what’s Crazy? I’ll Freakin tell you what’s crazy! Shooting at defenseless fish! That’s crazy! DATELINE :PANAMA CITY, Fla. It seems that while bullets and RPG’s are flying in Afghanistan and Iran, there is a covert, much saltier war being waged in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Apparently the conflict is between aggressive […]

TRIMESTERS You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! Forty weeks is a long time to be pregnant. 1st TrimesterThe first trimester is filled with joy and amazement and thoughts of what will be. For expecting parents these weeks are filled with dreams and visions of the future. During the first trimester, the fetus […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s Crazy!These F**king photos are crazy. THEY ARE A HOAX! Trust me, I checked it out. I ran this story by Urban Legends Dot Com and BAM! This visual insult to hundreds of families shows up and is quickly debunked as B.S. The original, anonymous writer of this […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! Celebrity deaths and the way it’s covered. They say that death comes in threes Farrah Fawcett dies in the morning. Michael Jackson dies by mid day. By this evening, potentially erroneous TWITTER and FACEBOOK entries have Jeff Goldbloom dying in New Zealand from a fall. Even […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy!The uncensored insanity being broadcast in Iran and the growing sentiment that video journalism as we know it is dead. This question has been incubating for some time in newsrooms around the country. But like a kite in a tornado, exploding into the sky, this thought is […]

You know what’s Crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! People who believe their full time job is to forward email. We all know these people. We are all on the list. The list is comprised of friends and acquaintances. The list is made up of work mates and anonymous names from countries near and far. […]