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You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! Health Care in this country. While everyone has been debating the merits of Obama-Care, I’ve been pulling out my eye brow hairs over my own health care nightmare. I consider myself the back bone of this nation. When I look in the mirror I see Middle […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy. Getting stuck with the clean up costs at a murder scene. The bill alone is murder. DATELINE: QUEENS, NEW YORK BIOLOGY 101: The human body has a lot of fluid in it. Blood and excretory materials and well you name it. And when you die, it all […]

I started THAT’S CRAZY as a place to express ideas. Most of these are current event oriented and examples of why society is so CRAZY. My stories are usually adult oriented and full of off beat humor. But as I always say; writers write. I have shared samples of screen plays with you in the past. A lot […]

THE ELEPHANT’S COAT Once upon a time, there was a baby elephant named Regina. Regina had big floppy ears that could hear the wind’s whisper. She had a long ruffled trunk that trumpeted when she was happy. Regina lived with the other baby elephants in the forests of Tennessee. In the summer, Regina and the […]

You know what’s Crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! Stashing a body under a motel mattress. You know what’s crazier? Nobody even notices for weeks. Are You kidding Me? This story puts the Stank in Stink, baby. DATELINE MEMPHIS, Tenn.(figures right) Home of Graceland, the Blues, and now stanky flesh that ferments like fine wine […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! This guy with the tatoos and body piercings is crazy. He’s naked, he’s dancing like an Egyptian, he’s blowing in the breeze! Dallas Fire Rescue and Police worked together to ‘rescue’ a naked man who spent part of the afternoon dancing on a billboard.  They call […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy? Shortening the time of a yellow light at an intersection. That’s like shortening the time you have to tuck yourself in and zip up your zipper. It’s crazy, it’s dangerous, and as far as the yellow lights go, it’s happening around this country. Some say it’s all in the […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! Writing a story under the influence of pain killers. Now that is crazy. For those who think my writing makes Walden’s Pond seem like cliff notes, turn away now. If my prolixity infuriates you, cyber porn is only a mouse click away. For those brave enough […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy!The stupid stuff people do every day.You see stupid everywhere? At the grocery store, at the ball park, at the laundromat. How about the workplace? Is your co-worker’s biggest problem whether to put their right leg or left leg into their pants first?How about the open road? That […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy. A guy who is so gay, so proud that he is gay, that coming out of the closet isn’t enough of a declaration of being gay. He wants a celebration of his gayness for all to see at 70 mph. He wants you to know he’s gay […]