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You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy!™ A snoring priest handling the suicide hot-line. That’s like a man with no teeth doing a Pepsodent ad.  That’s like a unic taking Viagra and hoping for some positive results. That’s like an elephant protologist wanting to shake everyone’s hand without washing up. IT’S JUST CRAZY™ […]

You know what’s Crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy!™ High Heels for men. Apparently it’s not just for Tranny’s and glam rockers anymore. According to the London Times: Something is afoot in men’s fashion — so steady yourselves, because high heels for the heftier sex are making a comeback Men have long sought to gain […]

Good Morning Dancing Stars

You know what’s crazy? Dancing With The Stars. OK, maybe DWTS isn’t crazy. Maybe the way Good Morning America covered it is. Wednesday morning, I’m watching GMA and anchors George Stephanopolous and Robin Roberts are fawning over the final three dance teams. Erin Andrews and Evan the ice skating dude from the Olympics and the […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy.™ When animals attack. Don’t you love it when the deer rushes out of the woods, jumps up on his hind legs and kicks the hunter’s ass with a beautiful left hoof right hoof combo? How about the fisherman speeding over the river and 20 pound fish are exploding out of […]

You know What’s Crazy? I’ll Tell you What’s Crazy!™ Doing so much yard work on a Saturday, your neighbors call INS to check for a green card. I found myself looking over my shoulder all weekend long. The sun was baking down upon me, broiling me like a migrant worker. I was so sunburned, so grimy […]

You Know What’s Crazy? I’ll Tell You What’s Crazy! Finding out through FACEBOOK that your teenage daughter has a boyfriend. YEP. When my little girl was born, the day she clawed her way out of the womb, I swore that I would punish any man who with the temerity to date her. “Hello Sheriff’s Department. I’d […]

You Know What’s Crazy? I’ll tell you what’s Crazy.™ The good will that washed over me Wednesday night. As you Crazy readers undoubtedly know, Uncle Daddy lost just about everything he owns in a fire that happened during the Nashville floods. His bomb shelter of a house broiled his possessions like a fondue pot, then when […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy!™ Condoms with the Pope’s face on them. HUH? I know that sounds like a punch line to a bad joke, but it’s actually happening. CRAZY!! Pope Protection! Just the thought of it takes the wind out of your sail if you know what I mean.How sexy […]

Hangover 2

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s crazy! Getting arrested in Vegas. This is a city with an amazingly high tolerance for stupid.It’s easier to flunk kindergarten fingerpainting than it is to go to jail in Vegas. It’s easier for Edward Scissor Hands to birth a lion cub for Siegfried and Roy than it […]

You know what’s crazy? I’ll tell you what’s Crazy!™ The film, the Hangover. The movie is a riot. It’s about four guys going to Vegas for a bachelor party. They black out and then piece together a crazy night of penthouse tigers and Mike Tyson right hooks and naked Chinese Mafia hit men. They wake […]